Do You Know the Minimum Wage in Tokyo 2019?

Legal Systems Relesed:Nov 25, 2019
Do You Know the Minimum Wage in Tokyo 2019?

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Do you know that the minimum wage changes every year in Japan?
Actually,The minimum wage was changed in October 2019.
The minimum wage is set by law in Japan and varies by prefecture. So first, we will give you information about the minimum wage in Tokyo, one of the biggest cities of japan, and the average salary in the restaurant industry .
This minimum wage also applies to foreigners. So make sure about the minimum wage when you work or are employed.
Point of this article
・ Minimum wage in Tokyo is 1013 yen
・ The salary in restaurant industry is on the rise
・ There is little difference in salary between chefs and service staff

How much is the minimum wage (Hourly) in Tokyo?

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The minimum wage in Tokyo is 1013 yen. It was about 28 yen higher than the previous minimum wage. And, the minimum wage revision in this year recorded the highest minimum wage in Japan.
The minimum wage has finally exceeded 1000 yen. Wages will continue to increase.
For the first time in Tokyo, the minimum wage exceeded 1000 yen per hour. This is the first time in Japan that the minimum wage has exceeded 1,000 yen. Also in Kanagawa and Chiba, the minimum wage exceeds 1000 yen per hour. The minimum wage in Tokyo is increasing year by year.So we guess the minimum wage in Tokyo will continue to increase.

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The hourly wage in Tokyo has increased by 100 yen over five years

Introducing the average salary in tokyo

According to “求人@飲食店COM”(our related site that operates Food Job Japan) ,the average wages as of 2018 in Tokyo are followings ・ Part-time job hourly wage is 1,094 yen (+26 yen. Compared to last year)
・ Employee monthly salary is 258,386 yen (+5,244 yen. Compared to last year)
・ Part-time job hourly wage is 1,094 yen (+26 yen. Compared to last year)

What is the reason why wages are rising in restaurant industry?

The wages in restaurant industry are rising year by year. Although there is a factor of the increase in the minimum wage, the lack of people working in restaurant industry is one of the major factors of wage increases. There is a possibility that the average wage will continue to rise, because the tendency there are not enough people working in the restaurant industry is expected to continue.

Which is higher, the salary of the cook or the service staff?

“求人@飲食店COM” also announced the average salary of chefs and service staff. The average salary for chefs and service staffs in Tokyo is as follows.
・Chef → 247,274 yen (monthly)
・Service staff → 241,730 yen (monthly)
The chef's salary is slightly higher than the service staff.

Check your wages before working or being employed.

Because the minimum wage also applies to foreigners, you need to make sure that your salary is not below the minimum wage.
And, if you feel your salary is low, you might consider working at other shops. When considering working at other shop, it’s a good idea to compare the shop listed on the job site with the shop where you work.
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Check your wages and hope you can work in a satisfactory way!