Part Time Job at Izakaya is the Best Job for You

Work Style Relesed:Nov 18, 2019
Part Time Job at Izakaya is the Best Job for You

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Have you ever thought about working part-time at an izakaya?
“I can only speak simple Japanese like greetings, so I want to have a part-time job without japanese”
“I want to work part-time job, but I am japanese language school student, so I can only have time to work part-time after school.”
“If I work part-time, I want to experience Japanese culture and learn Japanese. But I don't know how to find such a part-time job.”
There are a lot of problems when thinking about starting a part-time job in Japan.
A part-time job at a izakaya is recommended for those who have such problems! Part time job at an izakaya is one of the few jobs that you can learn Japanese culture and Japanese at the same time.
This time, we will introduce the benefits of working part-time at a izakaya for foreigners who want to work part-time.

Part time job at a izakaya is popular in Japan

Do you know that working part-time at an izakaya is popular in Japan? Part-time work at an izakaya is a common choice for many Japanese. Many students, part-time workers, and housewives work part-time at izakayas now.

■Many foreigners are already working in Japanese izakayas!

In fact, foreigners often work part-time at izakayas. You may have seen a foreigner who is working at a izakaya. Many foreigners, including international students, are already working at izakaya.
So why do these work part-time at a izakaya?

Part time job at an izakaya is an experience of Japanese culture

Part-time jobs at izakayas have often opportunities to experience various Japanese cultures. This is one of the reasons foreign students and other foreigners who want to learn Japanese culture work part-time at an izakaya. So how can you learn Japanese culture through part-time work at an izakaya?

■It is possible to work with a kimono

Many izakaya uniforms are often traditional Japanese clothes such as kimono and samue. Some foreigners have decided to work in an izakaya because they want to work in Japanese clothes. If you want to work in japanese clothes, part time work at a izakaya may be a good option for you.

■Izakaya is a social meeting place for Japanese people

Izakaya has been a social space for Japanese people since ancient Japanese era. Even now,Izakaya has been as a place where people can easily communicate with close friends and work colleagues too. You should be able to experience part of the Japanese culture by working at an Izakaya, the place for Japanese communication.

■You may eat Japanese makanai!

In a izakaya, a meal called “Makanai” may be provided to the staff. Perhaps you may be able to eat Japanese “Makanai” at the end of your part-time job.

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You can work according to your lifestyle at izakaya

There are also many izakayas where you can work according to your lifestyle. Busy students are actually working at a izakayas to suit their lifestyle. There are two reasons why such busy foreigners like student can work in izakaya according to their lifestyle.

■Izakaya is everywhere in Japan

Izakaya is popular in Japan, so there are izakayas everywhere in Japan. If you live in a city, there are usually izakayas where you can easily go.
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If it is easy to commute to work for you, it is easy to work, right? This is another reason why Izakaya part-time job is chosen by foreigners.

■Work shift is flexible

Many izakayas are often able to decide work shifts freely. Even students who are busy during daytime and housewives who are free at night can work.

Izakaya part-time job is good for people who want to improve Japanese speaking skill

"I want to learn Japanese while working part-time."
"I don't have much confidence in Japanese."
For those who are thinking about those, I recommend a part-time job at an izakaya. There is no problem even if you don't speak Japanese well. Foreigners who do not speak much Japanese can also work in izakayas.

■It is possible to work in less Japanese ability

A part-time job at a izakaya often does not require a high level of Japanese. This is because Izakaya's work includes back work such as washing dishes. Even if you do not speak Japanese well, if you can appeal your personality at the time of the interview, there is a chance that you are employed as a part-time job at a izakaya.

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■You can learn Japanese while working

Also, if you can work in a izakaya as a service staff, you can learn Japanese while working. Many customers who visit izakayas are often Japanese, so when they can work well, many people are able to speak Japanese well.

Let's work at an izakaya!

Part-time job at an izakaya is a great experience for foreigners. To work at an izakaya is a good opportunity not only to learn Japanese culture and Japanese at the same time, but also to be able to work according to your lifestyle. If you are a student or would like to learn Japanese well, let's consider working at a izakaya!

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